Dr. Kamal Goudjil other interests include:
• United States Patent Law and Regulations (Title 35 of the United States Code (35 USC) and Title 37 of the Code of Federal Regulation (37 CFR): Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights)
• Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (PCT)
• United States Patent and Trademark Office Examining Procedures (MPEP)

Dr. Goudjil has extensive experience in intellectual property (patents). He has been involved in patent counseling and prosecution since 1995. He was drawn into the field of patents initially as an inventor on a number of patents which he prosecuted himself and then went on to work for numerous large US law firms as a technical consultant.

Dr. Goudjil drafted numerous original patent applications in various fields including: semiconductors, lasers, optics, optical communications, medical devices, polymer materials, mechanical tools, mass spectrometers, plasma processing apparatuses, lithography apparatuses and methods, simulators for medical applications involving various aspects including intricate mechanical systems, electronic controls and software, materials, chemical and biological detectors using lasers, plasma processing apparatuses, power electronics, chemical processes, as well as wireless telecommunications (RF cellular communications, antennas, etc.)

As a consultant, Dr. Goudjil advises inventors develop, enhance and strengthen their inventions and innovations by providing alternative technical embodiments to their inventions and advises corporations and in-house attorneys on technology issues related to new developments and inventions and patent strategy. He works to assess competing technologies and presents best strategy for claim drafting. He also prepares responses to Patent Office Rejections by presenting scientific/technical arguments along with legal arguments on invention novelty and unobviousness. He also prepares appeal briefs and patentability and infringement clearance opinion letters.
Dr. Kamal Goudjil 
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