Dr. Kamal Goudjil was quoted in various Newspapers... 

1.  In The Denver Business Journal  
Dr. Kamal Goudjil was quoted in an article by Rebecca Landwehr entitled “SOLARTECH HAS SOLUTION FOR SUNBURN” published in The Denver Business Journal as stating “Ultraviolet light is invisible, but this chemical technology lets us see the intensity of the sun.” “People are intrigued by the color change. But, more importantly, it makes them aware of the exposure they are getting from the sun.”

2.  In the Daily Camera, Boulder, Colorado
Dr. Kamal Goudjil was quoted in an article by Christine L. Romero entitled “BOULDER COMPANY DEVELOPS UV-WARNING DEVICES” published in the Business section of the Daily Camera of Boulder, Colorado as stating “It’s more like applied science. I used to do more mathematical things.” “It’s neat because we are producing a device that will be good for the public.”

Dr. Kamal Goudjil 
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